Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Question, Mr. President!

Mr. President, you are saying that you are sad for Mr. Libby's family... Are you sad for Mr. Libby, that he has been found guilty and has been sentenced to 30 months?

No comment?! No comment as to any compassion for this man's predicament? As the Chief Executive of this government, no bowels of compassion for a loyal servant of your administration... a man virtually everyone in your party believes was unjustly indicted and convicted over a policy dispute?

You say it would be interjecting yourself into the process?!

Ah... such respect for justice you seem to have. I am beginning to see now that it may be, in fact, too much to think you would act with your pardon power to correct the wrong that has been done.

Oh, you are waiting for the legal process to play itself out?

Convenient... waiting to decide on a pardon until the end of the appeals process, a period of time which Mr. Libby may very well spend in jail... Does the phrase "passing the buck" seem relevant here?

You have answered my question, Mr. President. No compassion and no pardon for Mr. Libby.

Sadly, your true intentions are all too clear. And I have to conclude... you are no stand up kind of guy. And justice in this nation has taken a hit.

National Review Online has an Archive of numerous articles and opinion pieces that chronicles the entire Valerie Plame "Leak" affair. Go there if you want to understand what this whole sordid business has been about. If one hasn't been exposed to some of the analysis in these and other articles in various publications as diverse as the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, then it is unlikely that the context and significance of Mr. Libby's trial has been grasped.

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