Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you President Bush...

From Steve Schippert over at NRO's The Tank:

... as can be witnessed in the images and verses this tribute video — written, performed and compiled by James Hooker — there was and remains a very special, unique and reciprocated connection between President Bush and the men and women of the military.
A thoroughly intelligent and decent man so loudly and unjustly derided as dumb, arrogant and negligent, we should all pray for and aspire to the grace he consistently displayed in the ugly face of it all.
May we never afford President Obama such debasing, venomous and cruel treatment as we debate and criticize the policies and practices that we disagree with.

History, I am confident, will be kind to President Bush. For it will not be written by the American or international media, nor by the classless who booed as he entered for the last time to "Hail to the Chief."

But America, the nation he served and protected to the best of his ability, has been most unkind.

It compels then, for those of us who have harbored no hatred and angst — even in disagreement — to offer our hand in gratitude for service to our great nation.

On my way to wanna be,
I had my share of heart broke.
I took my lumps, and dished some out
Tempered by the thought,
That we, all men of good cheer,
Teach the men who follow.
There's more here than the eye could see,
On your way to wanna be.

Farewell, Mr. President, and thank you for your honorable service. Carry on, sir.

Me: I have had my disagreements with President Bush, mainly on domestic issues. But I will miss him as our President, as will so many... even some of those who at this moment are cheering his departure.

Thank you President Bush for taking the slings and arrows as you worked tirelessly to keep this country safe from her enemies.