Friday, June 8, 2007

New song up...

Last year's war between Israel and Hezbollah brought home again the heartache, not only of the horrible loss of life that is taking place in that region of the world, but of the intractable nature of events there. Putting aside the politics, the historical and religious context, and the strategic concerns... it is such a dismal situation that at times I can only shake my head. Any way, thinking on this led to my writing and recording the song Keep On Running. The song art is a painting by Guido Reni (1611) called the Massacre of the Innocents. It is his depiction of the slaughter of male infants by King Herod. One line from the song... "And mothers keep on praying for a place yet to be found."

You can listen to the song, if you'd like, by clicking on the audio player below the song art over on the right side bar. Craig Bakay of Canada helps me out on the vocals and Neil Porter of Australia provides the bass and drums.

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