Thursday, June 14, 2007

An ill wind bloweth...

A fascinating interview with Mark Steyn over at PajamasMedia. As much as anyone, Mark understands the problem of the gathering wind of radicalized Islamicism facing the west. His is one of the few, but growing, voices articulating the enormity of this very real threat.

Steyn is having the conversation, in his book America Alone and in his articles, that should be going on in households and governments throughout the west. It is both pathetic and scary, in light of 9/11 and the escalation of jihadism worldwide, that the comfortable affluence of our society and the insipid cynicism of our culture has produced a response barely above apathy in the media and most people to this reality.

In the words of the Buffalo Springfield song of the sixties... "Stop, children, what's that sound / Everybody look what's going down." I fear what it might take for the west to wake itself from its self-induced state of sleepwalking.

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