Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Case for McCain Yet!

Well, I'm still of the mind that McCain is not making the case against Obama and for himself in this campaign. I was wavering a bit yesterday... then the debate. The gloom returned... it's over.

McCain ignored the issues that would damage Obama (his radical connections, his extreme liberal positions on issues like abortion and judicial nominations, the voter fraud-laden ACORN which he has long standing ties to...). No going for the jugular on McCain's part, and that even goes for his attempted scores on Obama's dangerous naivete concerning our war against Islamo-facist terrorism.

McCain's prescriptions for the current economic crisis (as well as his explanations how it developed) are closer to mainstream liberalism than conservatism, would inflate spending, and would increase government involvement and control in the private sector (that's us... people's financial and business affairs). Obama's ideas are out-in-out on the road to socialism. No clear contrast.

So... I'm getting ready for at least a cold four year winter.

But this video is the best case I have seen for casting a vote for McCain/Palin. I hope a lot of people see it. I still hope I am wrong and McCain wins. Enjoy:

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