Monday, October 6, 2008

Prediction: It's All Over for McCain...

Throwing in the towel too early? Well, I hope I'm wrong but I see no signs that anything but an Obama victory is what to expect on November 4th. Factors leading me to this not-too-early conclusion:

1. The overall anti-Bush sentiment in much of the electorate.
2. The downturn in the markets and economy which always reflects negatively on the party that has the White House.
3. The In-The-Tank Media wants Obama. They have the microphone.
4. McCain has been unwilling to go after Obama on his vulnerabilities (Fannie Mae connections, Ayers connection, Rev. Wright connection, Democrat fingerprints all over the Sub-prime crisis... the list goes on) and doing so now (if he does) will be too little too late.
5. McCain mishandled the Economic Crisis message by framing it as Wall Street greed and corruption which is not the cause and plays right into the Democrat playbook.
6. Too little, too late. Undecideds have been breaking to Obama in the absence of a compelling reason to vote for McCain. Once people make the decision for a candidate it is less than likely they'll reconsider even in the light of new information.
7. The mishandling of Governor Palin in the three weeks following the Republican convention. Her strengths were squandered and support lost as the McCain campaign chose to sacrifice her in order to play nice with the mainstream media... even as the MSM was ramping up their advocacy reporting for Obama.
8. A muddled, watered down conservative message by McCain with no over-arching compelling theme. Obama is the most liberal candidate ever to run for president. McCain has not adequately contrasted himself with Obama in terms of economic policy, judicial nominations (3 probable Supreme Court nominations in the next 4 years), and governing philosophy (conservative vs. liberal).

Maybe more reasons later on...

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