Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ursinus: Law/Gospel - Covenant of Works/Covenant of Grace

36 Q What is the difference
between the law and the gospel?

A The law contains the covenant of nature [or works]
established by God with man in creation;
that means,
it is known by man from nature,
it requires perfect obedience of us
to God,
and it promises eternal life
to those who keep it
but threatens eternal punishment
to those who do not.

The gospel, however,
contains the covenant of grace
that means,
although it exists,
it is not known at all from nature;
it shows us
Christ’s fulfillment of that righteousness
which the law requires,
and its restoration in us
through Christ’s Spirit;
and it promises eternal life
freely on account of Christ
to those who believe in him.

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