Saturday, June 8, 2013

Redemptive-historical preaching...

From Dennis Johnson's book, Him We Proclaim - Preaching Christ From All The Scriptures:
Christians are united to Christ by faith, both representatively and vitally.  Our representative union with the Savior entails the objective gospel truths that he obeyed God's law for us, suffered the law's curse for us, and was raised and vindicated for us.  Therefore we have obeyed, been condemned, and been vindicated in him, our covenant head.  Our vital union with Christ entails the subjectively applied gospel truth that he imparts his resurrection life to us by the Holy Spirit, initially and invincibly drawing us out of death and into the life of the new creation and subsequently producing covenant faithfulness - the fruit of the Spirit - in us...
... Christ's saving work is not only forensic, outside of us (justification, adoption) but also dynamic, within us (new creation, regeneration, sanctification) - and the two strands will converge in glorification on that day, when our lowly bodies are transformed to be like Jesus' glorious body (Phil.3:21), our resurrection not only will be the public demonstration that God has declared us righteous and adopted us as his children through faith in Christ (Rom. 5:17-18; 8:23), it will also complete the project of subjective vivification and conformity to Christ's holiness that the Spirit began in our regeneration (Rom. 8:10-11, 29-30; 1 John 3:2-3).  So redemptive-historical preaching, as the apostles practiced it, addresses not only what Christ has done for us as the faithful covenant Servant but also what Christ is doing in us to make us into faithful covenant servants. [p. 237]

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