Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pentecost - Law meets Gospel

"Now, as this was given in commandment to the Jews in the old Law, so did our Saviour Christ as it were confirm the same in the time of the Gospel, ordaining after a sort a new Pentecost for his disciples; namely, [Acts 2:1–11.] when he sent down the Holy Ghost visibly in form of cloven tongues like fire, and gave them power to speak in such sort, that every one might hear them, and also understand them, in his own language. Which miracle, that it might be had in perpetual remembrance, the Church hath thought good to solemnize and keep holy this day, commonly called Whitsunday. And here is to be noted, that, as the Law was given to the Jews in the mount Sinai the fiftieth day after Easter, so was the preaching of the Gospel through the mighty power of the Holy Ghost given to the Apostles in the mount Sion the fiftieth day after Easter."


  1. Nice blog, Jack. I'm not itching for an argument here, but out of curiousity are you commending the part of the quote about observing "Whitsunday"?

  2. Hi mm -

    No, not commending Whtsunday at all. I just thought the L-G connection to Pentecost was a significant observation of Jewell's. It shows how universal the understanding of L-G was among the reformed, even in 1560's England. He spent his time as a Marian refugee in Zurich and upon his return struggled to reform the English church further under QE, to no avail. He eventually yielded to the status quo.