Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Santa Barbara Tea Party...

Below are 4 very short videos I took of the Tea Party in Santa Barbara as it gathered in front of the IRS on Anacapa.

Everyone gathered at Alameda Park (Sola St. a & Anacapa St.) at 1:00 PM and then march down one block the IRS office building to hold the party. I guess there were four to five hundred people in attendance with police directing traffic. A number of cars, as they passed by, were honking in support. Different individuals got up and addressed the crowd extemporaneously, explaining their complaints and concerns with Washington D.C.'s handling of the current financial downturn and the ever growing power and control of the federal government. The crowd was cheering and chanting slogans against high taxes, run away federal spending, and the fed's heavy hand, all in an orderly fashion. I couldn't stay long as I had to get back to work. But all in all it was heartening to see so many turn out here in a city that overwhelmingly voted for Obama and the Democrats last fall.

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