Sunday, May 20, 2007

Says Corry Breslin

Growing up, my family used to travel to Lansford, PA for a family reunion on my Mom's side every now and then. This is where the Irish side of the family lived... the coal mining region of Pennsylvania. It was my Mom's Uncle Corry who was the curmudgeon of the crowd as we picnicked all day at Lake Hauto. His standard reply to the question, "How are things going, Uncle Corry?", was invariably, "The country's ruined!"**

**I think he was on to something, so I've expanded on his insight...

"The world's ruined!"

** as corrected by my Dad and Corry's great grandson John. I had originally remembered the expression as "the world's ruined."

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  1. jack
    its 'the countries ruined'
    corry was my great grandfather