Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feet On The Ground, Amnesty, & Law

The Immigration Bill... the solution or making a problem worse?... Amnesty?... Too strict on illegal aliens now in this country? Below are links to a couple of articles that reflect some of my thinking on this. The whole issue goes beyond the currently proposed bill in Congress. It touches on a number of questions and considerations. Can a culture/society exist in the long run while allowing its borders to be open doors (despite laws to the contrary) to almost any and all? What role does multi-culturalism in the mindset of Americans play in this topic? Should citizens view protecting their borders as a harsh response (feeling guilty) to members of poorer societies wanting into the American system? The demographics of the U.S. are changing due to changes in the immigration laws over the last 40 years. Ultimately "feet on the ground" determine the direction and destiny of any culture or society. This phenomenon needs to be understood and taken into account when talking about immigration and border security. There are long term (but getting shorter all the time) and potentially irreversible ramifications as to how Americans approach and deal with this. I don't have a lot of trust in most of the politicians on this issue. I don't think they are looking at the long term. Too many, President Bush included, seem to just want a bill that attempts to please everybody a little, while pushing the bigger problems down the road.

Thomas Sowell's Amnesty Fraud
Selwyn Duke's Why They Won't Assimilate

And I haven't even brought up The Costs per newly legalized immigrant. We're talking in the neighborhood of $390,000 per newcomer for the new benefits that will be doled out in the form of Social Security and Medicare, etc. That weighs in at about 2.4 trillion dollars. Hmmmm... I wonder how that impact's our other huge unsolved crisis... the unfunded entitlements of the above mentioned programs!!

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