Monday, February 19, 2018

Thomas Boston: Concerning Works For Salvation - "God Would Never..."

That believers must do good works to answer the demands of the law, as a covenant of works, if they will obtain salvation.
Truly our good works will never be able to answer these demands; and if we pretend to do them for that end, as the covenant of works will never accept them, so we cast dishonour on Christ, who has answered all these demands already for believers, by his perfect and perpetual obedience. 
When God set Adam to seek salvation by his works, he was able for works; it was a thousand times easier to him to give perfect obedience, than for us to give sincere obedience. So we may be sure God bringing in a second covenant for the help of lost sinners, would never put them again on seeking salvation by works, after their strength for them was gone.
A View of the Covenant of Works by Thomas Boston

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