Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sweet Lorraine...

Folk rock tune to bring in the new year. I was hoping to have this completed to post on the first day of the year. Made it!

Many thanks Vic Holman, the dean of electric guitar, for adding his slide guitar. We've done many
songs together over the years (Goodwillys and duo collabs) and I continue to be impressed with his talent and generosity.

Vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass, organ, drums: Jack
Slide guitar: Vic

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Come to me Sweet Lorraine
I'm calling to you once again
The time is long past to remain, so
Come to me Sweet Lorraine

Oh, you know I didn't want to go
I have no bags to unpack
The wise men counseled me to just lay low
Now there's no turning back

Come to me Sweet Lorraine
Gather all that you've been given
To the coastland o're the sea
Come to me Sweet Lorraine

The plan has change, we're much older now
It really never had a chance
I thought you knew it was just a dream
I wasn't sure myself

Come to me Sweet Lorraine
Let me hold you in the night
I'll light the candle once again
Come to me Sweet Lorraine

I know that I may have let you down
Being gone all these days
And if I could come back, you know I would
But Lorraine, you know my ways

[Harmonica break]

Was it our bad luck to take this road?
We didn't plan it well
Yet the wrong turns have turned out all right
Heaven instead of hell

Come to me Sweet Lorraine
Don't delay anymore
Take a boat or fly a plane, just
Come to me my Sweet Lorraine.

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