Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's the problem?

As I have given thought to some of the problems ailing the the Anglican Church in its various representations I find myself focusing on something that too often gets overlooked.  That something is the word of God, the Scriptures.  How is that?  Well, it's not that Scripture is not given a prominent place in the worship of Anglicans, nor (depending on the minister) in their preaching.  Rather, when discussions and debates take place as to the "what ails" the church of Cranmer, Jewel, and Hooker the remedies seem to congregate around the Book of Common Prayer, the auxiliary formularies, historical councils, and writings of various men such as those I just mentioned.  These considerations are obviously indispensable if a reformation of sorts is to take place.  Yet what seems minimized in the hunt for the true way is the Scripture itself, the ultimate compass for a true and faithful church.

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