Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes I Get To Wondering...

My second oldest daughter (I have three) got married in 2001. When her older daughter got married I sang a song to her on her wedding day. It was a partial rewrite of an old Impressions' song. Well, this time around I decided to write an original song. By the way, I wrote and sang an original song for my youngest girl a year later at her wedding. But that's another story.

It is a huge moment to see one's daughter all grown up and getting married (and btw again, they all married great guys). I wanted to seize the moment for each of them; to share something of my heart, my thoughts, and my love through a song that I don't think I could have done otherwise.

I originally recorded the song in the summer of 2004. That version can be found here under the title How I Love You So. So here is a video I recently completed, made up of moments of that event, remembrances through the years, and some shots of me singing to my daughter Christie that evening. Accompanying the video is a new recording with just guitar and vocal, as it was that evening in December 2001:

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