Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If I was a betting man...

I would bet that Craig will resign before Congress reconvenes on Tuesday, September the 4th.

September 1, 2007- This afternoon Larry Craig announced his resignation from the Senate. He did the right thing for his country, his party, and most of all for his family.

Update #2:
Mankind is inherently flawed...
... some people more than others. Mr. Craig did the honorable thing, showing that his now public "flaw" need not cause him to flinch from doing that which is the selfless thing, that which is best for those ideals and people he cares about. Thank you Mr. Craig.

There is no system of politics, term limits, or government that will nullify these kinds of things. What is needed, as always, are more men and women who, when behind closed doors, labor to be individuals of integrity, self-discipline, and solid character.

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