Saturday, March 6, 2010

Justification and Obedience

Some further thoughts of mine on justification by faith and its relationhip to obedience in Christ...

As sinners fully pardoned by God, we are nonetheless mindful of the woeful lack of any merit on our part before Him; yet ever thankful to Christ our Savior for taking upon Himself the penalty of our sin and in exchange imputing to us the merit of His perfect obedience.

Thus justified by faith in Him, we have the assurance of God’s gracious gift of unearned salvation, made effectual by the Holy Spirit who enlivens in us a true obedience (though imperfect) from a renewed heart; an obedience born not of fear or apprehension but of thankfulness and love for God.

... and a poem I wrote a couple days ago:

[inspired by Romans 3:21-31]

The blood of Christ

It covers me

The blood of Christ

He died for me

My sin taken

His life given

No condemnation

He has risen

Declared now just

No merit mine

By grace now blessed

Free gift I find

A new heart given

Faith to obey

His yoke easy

Christ led each day

God of heaven

Savior He

This soul, blood-sealed

- March 4, 2010

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