Sunday, May 3, 2009

Souter to retire from Supreme Court

Speculation is in the offing throughout the press this past weekend as to who President Obama will nominate to replace Justice Souter. ABC News Online has an article entitled Diversity, Not Politics, Key To Court Pick. Don't bet on it...

Obama's pick to replace Souter may be a woman... may be a Latino... may be an African-American, or any combination of the three. But one thing is absolutely bedrock sure: the most left-wing senator of the last four years who is now the President will definitely pick a nominee every bit to the left as he is. This is the predominant criteria under consideration. If there is anything that should have been learned over the course of Obama's first 100 days, it is that he will take our nation as far to the left politically, socially, economically, and judicially as he can.

Don't doubt it.

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